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LinkTech provides IT Support services for any small to medium business whose needs range from simple to complex.  Our technicians are not only successful in their craft, but they strive to integrate that technical knowledge with strong people skills.  Technical interruptions, changes, and upgrades can often be stressful experiences for a company.  Rest assured, our technicians are coached in making any situation as painless as humanly possible.  We can assist you with all levels of requests from:

     On-Call / On-Demand service calls 

     Weekly recurring visits

     Existing staff augmentation on temporary or permanent basis

     Short or long term projects   

Our engineers are diverse in skillset - from day to day IT needs such as user support, systems maintenance, replacements or repairs; through training, IT project management and overall direction planning.  We can provide for any IT-related request your business should have.  We will work to understand your infrastructure, your users, and your existing policies and procedures.  We will ensure your IT priorities are met, while exceeding your expectations. 


We don't believe in simply being a "warm body", we strive to diagnose and repair the root cause of problems and improve existing systems wherever possible.  We think this makes us distinctly different from the rest.  Many IT companies run around with a fire extinguisher putting out fires.  Their intention is to fix the issue - but only to a certain point.  Doing that ensures that they will need to be called back, in other words, future work insurance.  We work to ensure fires won't start to begin with.

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