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LinkTech offers best of breed Managed Services.  We know that your time is valuable.  As an owner or manager, it seems there are often far too many things to monitor and manage.  Let us oversee the tasks that your team may not have the time or knowledge to commit.  Our managed services include:

As part of our Managed Services offering, we've developed our own custom ransomware protection application called TripWire.

To learn more about what TripWire does and how it works, click on the icon below.

Remote System Monitoring and Management

Monitoring your servers and workstations for hardware and software issues, providing asset tracking of hardware and software, and issue reporting and mitigation.


Patch Management

Software patches and updates are automatically applied for most Microsoft products, and many others.


Remote Access

Integrated into the dashboard, remote / direct desktop access to any workstation or server.



Anti-virus software integrated into our monitoring and management system keeps the Anti-virus up to date, alerts if not up to date, schedules system scans, and reports on findings.


Cloud-based Managed Backup and (Disaster) Recovery

Managed Online Backup is able to back up systems down to every hour, ensuring prompt recovery.  Systems can even be restored into a secure cloud data center, providing cost-efficient Disaster Recovery.

All of these features are available in a single dashboard, providing a single overall view of your systems.  Regular reports can be automatically created and sent out to keep you up to date.  Never again wonder where your employees or your systems are at.

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