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  We build far too many walls         and not enough bridges.                              Sir Issac Newton

Many companies claim to do "networking".  This generally means purchasing a pre-built solution and installing it - whether it actually fits your needs or not.  LinkTech applies our personal attention methodology to "networking", and makes it what it should be - Network Engineering.  We have years of experience designing and building networks for many industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. 


Whether your need is a simple firewall / router, or a multiple site fully meshed network, we will provide the right solution for you, not one that just "fits".


Wireless networks are a requirement for nearly any business. Therefore, we offer secure employee access, public customer access, and everything in between.  From a single access point, all the way through a multiple controller / multiple access point infrastructure, we've got you covered.


We're experienced in designing and engineering networks that meet strict compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, SOX and HIPPA.  Even if you don't have a specific compliance need, we can design and help implement policies and controls to ensure your network is safe and secure.

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Even the most resilient network needs to be protected.  We offer a number of robust Unified Threat Management technologies - Intrusion Detection/Protection, protocol-specific packet inspection, perimeter antivirus, and Risk Detection and Management.  We utilize these and other methods to protect your network and your systems from threats, regardless of the threat vector.


Instead of struggling with an antiquated, ready-built solution, let us build the right solution for you.

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