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What is a VPN? Does Your Company Need One?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used, to give users a more secure and private network to

communicate with. VPNs can be used for businesses and/or for homes and are able to be used on any public network. They work by taking a public network and creating a secure encrypted private tunnel from that network, so that only the people on this private network will have access to it. This will not allow access of any data or communication from any unwanted users that are on the outside.

VPNs are important, especially for the current pandemic to help businesses and workers to securely work from home. With stay-at-home orders, it helps businesses stay in business by allowing their workers to securely work from home. Businesses will feel more secure knowing there is a less likely chance of a sensitive data leak. Workers will feel more comfortable working remotely as it reduces the chances of any exposure to the pandemic. It also gives them access to all the same resources they would have as if they were at work.

A VPN can help protect that device from data being stolen especially when on a public or shared network from any outside threats. It protects your history, your IP address and the location of your device, and the device that is being used. It also protects personal data, work related data, and customer data.

Important aspects to remember when using a VPN are:

  1. Limitations – connections might experience latency, sometimes changing the configuration will help improve the connection speed.

  2. Devices – the number of devices that are going to be used and the type of devices because different devices will need to be configured differently.

  3. Software and Applications – the types of software and database applications your company plans on using and accessing.

  4. Security – when configuring the VPN, you should use the best encryption that is available and set up users to authenticate for security purposes.

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