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We offer new systems, upgrades to existing systems, and servicing / maintenance for systems of any type.

Our surveillance systems can help reduce theft, ensure accountability, or monitor daily operations.

LinkTech approaches the topic of security with the utmost significance.  We know that everything you've invested in your business, from your property and physical assets to all information held electronically, means nothing if it isn't PROTECTED.

Here is just a sample of our abilities:

  • Supply, install and upgrade Analog CCTV and IP-based surveillance systems, from 1 to 32+ cameras.​

  • Upgrade existing DVR (digital video recorder) units and older analog cameras with HD-quality multi-megapixel versions – while utilizing existing legacy cabling.​

  • When the project calls for 3+ megapixel cameras, we can spec out and install IP-based systems utilizing the latest in surveillance technology.


  • From standalone recorders, to distributed multi-system configurations, fixed focal to varifocal to pan-tilt-zoom cameras, we can provide for any surveillance need.

  • Motion detection, alerting, and remote viewing capabilities are included.  View live feeds from a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

  • Integration with access control systems or alarm panels is also possible, reducing response time in the event of an incident.

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